Exploration of "unknown" Poland, discovering different cultures and flavors of regional cuisine,visiting timeless places, having relax in wellness center, taking part in expeditions which can turn a training into adventure of life.

We invite you for short trips in the interesting corners of our country and we ofer most special programmes prepared the highest level:

Dynamic - enhanced entertainment component,

Thematic - with the history note in the background,

Luxurious - perfect for VIP meetings


All particular and surprising! Our experienced team of Incoming Department will help you to organize all of those and many other unforgettable attractions.


Flexibility and resourcefulness


Our "Tailor-made” travel are created to fit the most sophisticated tastes and wishes, including specific dates, passions and habits of customers, anywhere in the world ...


Our role is to ensure that everything goes according to your dreams (from a simple hotel reservation to tailor-made itineraries), to grab the opportunity and to implement it in the most sophisticated project.


Transparent business ethics


We guarantee honesty, partnership approach to client and the highest leve of service. Each project is developed individually and fairly, with attention to every detail, especially in regards to safety ..